Rihanna Does it Again

Rihanna’s most recent Instagram post just proves that she can pull off anything. She is truly a fashion icon of the modern century. The singer, actor, entrepreneur posted two images on her Instagram this morning. The first was captioned “casual.” And the second was captioned “Tuesdays.”

In the pictures, Riri is standing in a corridor dressed in a bright blue ruffled dress. The dress is very extra, but very Rihanna. She is wearing white sneakers, black sunglasses and her hair slicked back into a top knot.

What is even better than the outfit itself it the woman wearing it. In both pictures she is standing tall with her shoulders back. She looks like the boss she is. Her stance is oozing with confidence as if she is saying, “I know who I am, don’t mess with me.” A role model to all women, really.

Rihanna only posted these picture within the last half hour and both already have over 200,000 likes and 3,000 comments. The woman is on top of her game and she is not slowing down yet.

Instagram/Photo: @badgalriri

Twitter: @rihanna