Gregg Sulkin Prepares for Marvel’s ‘Runaways’

We’re all checking our watches and waiting patiently for its late November premiere.

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A post shared by Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) on

Sulkin rose to fame fairly quickly with his 2010 Disney Channel movie “Avalon High” and will soon throw himself into another mythical world with the Hulu orignal series “Marvel’s Runaways”.

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The series depicts Sulkin as Chase Stein, one of the children of secret super villain parents who decides to run away from home and learn of their own origins with other fellow villain kids. Sulkin recently finished the movie “Deported,” which tells the tale of a man hiring a fake husband to get his girlfriend back due to him being scared of commitment.

The show is set to premiere in late November, the 21st to be exact, and will be avaliable to watch on Hulu. Are you going to watch Gregg’s latest television series?

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