Catching Up with Ed Sheeran: Video, Tour + Some Wings

Ed Sheeran updates us with what is going on with his tour.

Ed Sheeran loves to keep his loyal fans updated about what is going on recently in his life. He shares with us that the US leg of his tour has just ended.  He will be back here for his stadium tour next year. But, as for the rest of his current tour, he will be heading to Asia for the next 6 weeks doing shows there.

He also shared the exciting news that he shot the music video for his song “Perfect”  before heading off to Asia.

James Blunt, the opening act for Ed’s current tour, seems to have become really good friends with him. They joked before the tour started that they would be able to eat 1000 wings. Ed claims that they have achieved that goal.

While Ed and James are enjoying themselves eating wings, we will be waiting for the new ‘Perfect’ video to come out soon.

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Photo: Atlantic Records