Ashley Graham Joins Lane Bryant Once Again for Their #ImNoAngel Campaign

The body positive campaign, which launched back in 2015, is back and better than ever.

Model Ashley Graham joined Lane Bryant again for their latest commercial, which looks very similar to the first one aired two years ago.

Not only does the commercial feature gorgeous women, like every stereotypical women’s lingerie ad would, but it gives them a voice that is not seen in ads for other companies.

Graham mentions how she has had cellulite since she was eleven years old, while the others mention their stretch marks and yet still feel comfortable enough to not filter what many see as “flaws.”

Each of them proclaim that they “are no angel” before the ad for Cacique, their line with this campaign, ends. The phrase, and potentially intentional dig, came months after Victoria’s Secret released their “body for everybody” line. What was supposed to promote their many bra styles turned into a massive uproar against the company, as they featured the usual cookie cutter model one would expect from VS for an ad that seemed to discuss body diversity.

What did you think of the latest ad? Was it important for the plus size brand to create this campaign for women everywhere, or do you think they were looking to pick an unnecessary fight?

Photo/ Instagram: @lanebryant 

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