Cody Simpson’s New Music is All Good Vibes

Cody is breathing a fresh new take onto the music scene.

Cody Simpson has graced the covers of multiple issues of Glitter Mag. We are fans, in case you didn’t know this. Our Glitter team has followed his music since the beginning and we have always loved his amazing voice and guitar skills, so we were excited to hear his new EP dropped in September, following up to his 2015 Free LP.

Cody’s back with an even sexier new look, with steamy new pics released for his cover and promotional art. He’s got a brand new band and a fresh new take on music.

“A grand visitation of creative inspiration arose when I spent my summer in Venice Beach,” Simpson explains according to Vents magazine. “Practicing guitar, surfing and writing poetry and songs in the streets of vibrant Southern California, I was met with an intense surge of musical and literary energy.”

Southern California has a way with people, (trust us, our Glitter head office is located 10 mins from Laguna Beach.) So we are not surprised that the sunny days, blue water and mix of artistic peeps, was enough for Cody to bless us with some new music to make you feel good vibes all over.

“The ocean is life – we depend on it for our air, food, and water,” said Cody, who was named UNDP Ocean Advocate on World Oceans Day, 8 June 2017 at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. In his role as an advocate for healthy oceans, Simpson helps to raise awareness of the important role our oceans play in the health of our planet and people. –

To hear his new music, you can catch Cody performing live shows in SoCal this month. Check out the calendar below.

Photo Credits: Cody Simpson Facebook