Shonda Rhimes And The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast Takes A Knee

They are showing their support for Colin Kaepernick after the recent racial controversy.

After recent controversial comments left by Donald Trump regarding the NFL organization, Shonda Rhimes decided to show her support as a protestor by joining Kaepernick in taking a knee. Shonda quoted her picture by stating: “…and we took a knee in solidarity of racial justice.”

This picture was able to show their support for athletes freely protesting and to bring awareness to the racial injustice against African Americans. 

This post held a special place in history, as they were filming their 300th episode. Shonda Rhimes always makes it her point to highlight real-life issues into her shows. All of the cast members have been known to stand up for progressive rights outside of TV, hence seeing them together has helped to increase the awareness of these issues. Both Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams shared the post on their own individual Instagram pages expressing the same sentiments of equality.

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We turned 300 today! #greysanatomy

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We are truly proud of Shonda and the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ cast for their bravery and determination to stand up for the underrepresented communities.

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