Get to know Natalia Castellar Calvani, the Puerto Rican American Teen Making Waves

How does a young model get clients likes Nars and Halston Heritage underneath their belt by the ripe age of 18, if they aren’t a Kardashian or have a supermodel parent?

Ask Natalia Castellar Calvani, who cracked the code before she was even old enough to vote. The teen was scouted by Next Model Management after a photo her sister, photographer Bianca Calvani, took was posted to Bianca’s Tumblr.

Looking back on the photo, Natalia wrote on Instagram, “I remember having an intense discussion with @bvccphotography after taking it and going through the shots about not deleting it (she disliked how “blurry” it was). We fought for at least 10 minutes lol.”

The grainy shot, highlighting the signature bushy brows of Natalia, was the big break both of them needed.

Many of the shoots Natalia works on are shot by her sister Bianca. Considering that her sister became a self taught photographer to assist Natalia and her dreams of modeling, it seems like a fitting way to return the favor.

When Natalia isn’t posting photos from her latest gigs, her Instagram looks like any other teenagers. She enjoys a good Snapchat filter, reminds every one of her love for Harry Styles, and also brought awareness to hurricane relief for Puerto Rico after Maria tore through the US territory.

We congratulate Natalia on the success she has found, and cannot wait to see where her modeling career takes her!

Photo/ Instagram: @nataliacastellarcalvani

Twitter: @kactye