Grey’s Anatomy Celebrates Their 300th Episode

After many heartaches, medical discoveries and entertainment, Grey’s Anatomy celebrate 300 episodes.

Look how yummy this cake looks

Sarah Drew shared this picture of the cake on her Instagram and captioned it as “Yyeessss.”

As great as this cake looks, Grey’s Anatomy has touched all of our hearts in different ways. This show first aired in 2005, so it has been with us for over a decade. The cast has changed and evolved throughout the seasons, but the overall purpose and message have remained the same; friendship, diversity and hard work are important.

This is an emotional moment for all of us because it made us realize how much we’ve gone through with this cast. From the many deaths, and romance throughout the various episodes we easily got attached to this amazing cast.

The 300th episode will be full of love, and unpredictable events. It will mark not only a special place in our hearts, but it will be a memory we hold forever. It will air on Thursday, September 28th so don’t miss it!

You should watch the first episode ever aired, and then the 300th episode to compare how much the characters have changed throughout all the episodes!

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