SZA’s “20 Something” Hits Home

Being in your 20’s can be downright tough.  You feel alone, confused and scared.

SZA bares her all in her song “20-something” from her debut album “Ctrl.” At age 26, the singer relates to the many struggles of being a girl in your 20’s. The boy she likes does not like her back, she has nothing to her name and she does not want to lose her friends as life takes over.

Listen to the song completely through and yes, you will be in your feels. However, listen closely. After the song is over, there is a clip of a conversation between SZA and her mother.

“And if it’s an illusion, I don’t want to wake up. I’m gonna hang on to it. Because the alternative is an abyss, is just a hole, a darkness, a nothingness. Who wants that? You know? So that’s what I think about CTRL, and that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.”

By just thinking we have control of our lives empowers us. The world is going to throw things at you and knock you down, but it is up to you to push through and be the strong woman you are.

It is okay not to know what you are doing. It is okay to be scared, and it is okay to mess up. All of us “20-somethings,” including SZA are in this together.

One day, we are going to want these days back but until then enjoy the confusion and as SZA says in the song “good luck on them 20-somethings.”

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