Angela Simmons Shares A Heart-Warming Birthday Post To Her Son

Angela Simmons just shared the cutest birthday post for Sutton

Angela’s baby boy, Sutton, recently turned one year old and he is just the cutest little guy!

Recently, Angela posted a birthday memoir to celebrate her son embarking his first year of life. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,” Angela stated. “You give life true meaning.” Angela continued. Angela additionally posted a video to document Sutton’s growth up until now. In the video, we see various photos and videos that highlight Sutton’s loveable growth. It was Sutton’s day, and Angela made sure to make that known to her lovely viewers.  

She later made a post at the end of the day showcasing the birthday events they had set for Sutton. He was surrounded by family, friends, and the people who love him most. For a one-year-old, this was probably one of the best ways a birthday could have been celebrated.   

Just a year ago we were in awe over the birth of Sutton and his highly anticipated entrance into the world. From Instagram photos to multiple news sources, we were ready to see Angela’s baby. It seems that time has gone by so fast and we cannot believe it! Angela has been very open and consistent with showcasing the grace she has for a son.

We are so happy to see Sutton getting big as he is and we hope to continue seeing this journey documented!     

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Instagram/Photo: @angelasimmons

Twitter: @AngelaSimmons