The Life Of Kylie Season Ends In A Marriage

The Life of Kylie’s first season comes to an end

If you know anything about Kylie Jenner, you know she is very unpredictable in her actions. During the season finale of her show “The Life Of Kylie,” she decided that her and her best friend, Jordyn Woods, needed to prove their friendship to each other.

Kylie had been talking about an unnamed man in her life who at that point was pretty solid, and Jordyn started to feel that Kylie was drifting away from their friendship. So while in Peru, Kris decided that Jordyn and Kylie needed to DTR (define the relationship). The outcome of this talk? A friendship wedding.

Kylie and Jordyn wore matching white alpaca outfits at the ceremony and exchanged friendship vows. They promised to take each other as their best friends. It was so cute and so completely extra. But knowing Kylie who would expect less?

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