HBO’s Insecure Cinematographer, Ava Berkofsky, Praised For Beautiful Lighting of Black Actors

The cinematographer of HBO’s hit show, Ava Berkofsky, is receiving praise for her amazing lighting of black actresses and actors.

Ava was quoted stating that when in school they never discussed proper lighting for dark-skinned people. You can see a direct quote below:

#blackwomendirectors on Twitter

When I was in film school, no one ever talked about lighting nonwhite people.” – Ava Berkofsky, via @mic

We are impressed by the beautiful lighting of Insecure and excited about the renewed season. We’re hopeful to see Ava’s techniques, which Ava’s sharing with others, become more mainstream in the future.

It will mean more photography and film that shows the true beauty of dark-skinned people, highlighting their melanin rather than making it lighter.

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Photo credit / Instagram: @aberkofsky