Bachelor In Paradise Ends With A Proposal

Congratulations to Taylor and Derek!

On Monday night’s finale of Bachelor in Paradise, there was a heartfelt proposal. Only three couples were left at the end of the fourth season, Amanda and Robby, Raven and Adam, and Taylor and Derek.

The finale included bringing each couple out to talk about how their relationship has been since leaving paradise. First, Amanda and Robby were brought out. The two of them were not together but were handling it very well. Raven and Adam were brought out and were nothing but positive. Raven even called her parents over from the crowd to meet Adam right then and there! That was an important milestone in their relationship that we got to witness.

Finally, Taylor and Derek came out, and it seems like nothing from paradise has changed. They are still crazy in love with each other and overcome the little bumps in their relationship from paradise. Derek was stunned at how beautiful Taylor is and decided to stand her up and spin her around (very smooth on his part). He kept her standing, then went down on his knee and proposed to her with a ring from none other than Neil Lane (the official ring designer for Bachelor nation).

Taylor was super emotional and couldn’t stop crying. Over her tears of happiness she let out a nod and all of the other contestants from the fourth season ran out to congratulate the newly engaged couple! We can’t wait to see the wedding!

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