Kristen Bell Saves Frozen Co-star’s Parents From Hurricane Irma

Kristen Bell was in Florida this weekend for a shoot; the cast evacuated to Orlando, but the famous Anna (of Frozen) didn’t stay evacuated.

Kristen Bell was thanked by Josh Gad for her heroism, saving his parents and other family from the disasters of Hurricane Irma. Josh Gad is best known for his voice acting role of Olaf in Frozen. After Josh thanked Kristen on Twitter, her response to him was “Anna s Olaf.” See the original tweets below:

Josh Gad on Twitter

No joke. @IMKristenBell just literally saved my parents, my brothers and entire family from #HurricaineIrma – you are an angel. I adore you.

Kristen Bell on Twitter

@joshgad Anna ❤s Olaf


If that wasn’t enough, this heroin-without-a-cape, put on a performance for the evacuees that were at the same hotel in Orlando, Florida with her.

Kristen Bell on Twitter

When ur #singinginahurricane, ur volunteer back up dancers can(& will) steal the show. Richard&Rebecca everyone!! #HurrcaneIrma #Irma2017

We’re pretty impressed with Kristen Bell’s grace and helping all of these people through such a devastating time. It takes guts to stick around and cheer up all of these people who potentially have lost everything they own.

There is a moral to this story, we should all definitely strive to Kristen Bell’s standard being set here, and remember to help our fellow human beings! Want more updates about Kristen Bell?

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Photo credit / Instagram: @KristenAnnieBell