Kendall Kicks Off Fashion Week With a Bang

Kendall slayed the Tom Ford Runway to kick off New York Fashion Week.

Kendall Jenner is known for her famous runway appearances, and New York Fashion Week is definitely the place to make a statement. Kendall strutted down the Tom Ford runway at one of the first fashion shows of fashion week. For this show, she wore a sleek black dress with one glittery sleeve.

For Tom Ford, she also ditched her long locks for a short hairdo. She wore dark eye makeup on, which went perfectly with the dress she modeled. The winged eyeliner added a dramatic effect to the entire look of the outfit. Honestly, Kendall could do whatever she wanted with her look and still look stunning. She serves as a model that there is no particular “look” to be considered beautiful. You can be beautiful no matter what you decide to wear or how you choose to do your hair.

We are hoping to see Kendall strut down many more runways this week.

Instagram/ Photo: @KendallJenner

Twitter: @KendallJenner

Photo 2: @TomFord