Meet Bionic Popstar Viktoria Modesta

“Forget what you know about disability.” Viktoria Modesta is a multi-talented artist that doesn’t let her disability stand in her way.

Viktoria Modesta hasn’t lived an easy life by any means, yet she continues to strive to create art. Born in the Soviet Union before its fall, to what is now known as Latvia.

At birth, complications caused her to have significant damage on her lower left leg forcing her to undergo pain and multiple surgeries during her childhood. After years of begging doctors to remove it, at the age of 20, she convinced them to remove the damaged part of her leg.

Once her leg was removed, her mobility improved and she set out to challenge stereotypes about people with disabilities. So, naturally, she became the first bionic popstar. She fully embraced her new identity. She was able to alter the definition of beauty what disability.

Her super unique sound and image are summed up perfectly in her music video “Prototype.” Watch as she dances with a shiny, black stiletto prosthetic in the video below. It’s awesome!

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Instagram/ Photo: @viktoriamodesta