Lady Gaga Cancels Montreal Concert After Diagnosis of Laryngitis.

Lady Gaga tweets her apologies to her fans for abrupt concert cancellation.

The Monster Queen had to postpone her concert o n September 4th, after coming down with laryngitis. She was filmed on the balcony of her Montreal hotel waving to her fans. Her tweet says she’s sending pizza to any of her fans outside her hotel, and we’re moved by this star’s generosity.

We know many Montreal fans are super disappointed but fret not, a reschedule for the concert is in the works. Everyone gets sick, even Lady Gaga. She states in one of her tweets that she prides herself on giving it all, and sings everything live. We’re sorry to see Lady Gaga got sick after singing in the rain at Fenway Park.

We’re all hoping the Monster Queen, and 1st woman headliner of Fenway park, a swift recovery. Until then, if you’re looking to see where the #JoannaTour is going to be next, keep up with Lady Gaga on Social Media:

Twitter: @LadyGaga

Instagram: @LadyGaga