Hollywood Wants to Gender-Bend “Lord of the Flies” and We’re Not Sure Why


The movie/book, Lord of the Flies, has been long applauded for its theme of Toxic Masculinity, and the dangers it poses.

After the reboot of Ghostbusters with an all female-cast, Warner Bros seems to be on a roll with a grab-bag of reboots they can make. The biggest problem is, we already know what would happen if the island was all female instead of all male like in the original. If the 2017 release of Wonder Woman taught us anything, an island of only girls becomes an island of amazing, Amazonian women, who are trained to take on Gods.


Like any reboot, this one has met tons of backlash, and for once the backlash isn’t criticizing an all-female cast, but rather the ignorance of the producer and writer who think this could possibly be a good idea.

The chances of an all-female, Lord of the Flies, being successful doesn’t look good. Many are concerned that the two men planning to make this movie may have no idea what they are in for, or at least didn’t understand the theme of the original. Whatever the case may be, if it’s anything like Wonder Woman’s island, then it’ll be a sure fire way to boost the strength of women through any and all odds.

What are your takes on the new movie? Are you hopeful, or skeptical? It definitely leaves us wondering just what good might come from it. There are a few female-empowering movies we’d be happy to see Hollywood focus their attention on instead, like Wonder Woman 2 or Pitch Perfect 3.

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