Girlboss Angela Ahrendts

Photo/Twitter: @angelaahrendts

It comes as no surprise that for many people, Apple products are a way of life.

Apple products have been a welcomed convenience in our everyday lives. There are names associated with Apple, such as Steve Jobs and Tim Cook that you’d recognize immediately. One you may not hear as frequently often but just as important is  Angela Ahrendts.

Angela Ahrendts is the Senior Vice President of retail and online stores, which makes her one of the few female members of Apple’s leadership team. While with Apple, Ms. Ahrendts is responsible for strategy, real estate & development, and operations of Apple’s physical stores, Apple’s online store and contact centers.

Photo/Twitter: @angelaahrendts

Prior to working at Apple, Angela served in roles such as a CEO for Burberry, an Executive Vice President at Liz Claiborne Inc., and was at one point President of Donna Karan International. Angela’s track history is certainly impressive, now she is taking on the tech industry in style.

Photo/Twitter: @angelaahrendts

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Twitter/Photos: @AngelaAhrendts