Chance the Rapper Helps to Raise $2.2 Million for Chicago Public Schools

instagram: @chancetherapper

Chance the Rapper is back at it, again! He is giving back to the Chicago Public Schools in a big way.

A few months ago, we remember Chance donating a million dollars to the Chicago Public School systems. Chance the Rapper is back, and this time he is helping to distribute $2.2 million dollars within the Chicago Public Schools.

Chance spoke regarding this during a summit at his nonprofit organization, SocialWorks. The money will be distributed throughout 20 schools. Each school will receive $100,000 in order to improve the education that inner city schools receive. Chance the Rapper, who is a product of public school, has always been one of their biggest advocates.

This is only the most recent act of Chance. On August 9th, he took to Twitter to announce the giveaway of 30,000 stuffed backpacks at The Bud Billiken Parade. This is the oldest and largest African American parade in the United States and is held to kick off the school year.

Instagram: @chancetherapper

Thank you, Chance!

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Instagram/Photos: @chancetherapper

Twitter: @chancetherapper