Serena Williams Gave Birth To A Baby Girl

21294958_2134559323437702_2654828558215544832_n23-Time Grand Slam Champion, Serena Williams, and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, welcome a daughter!

Serena and Alexis’s baby girl entered into the world on September 1, 2017. She was born at St. Mary’s Medical Center, in West Palm Beach, Florida, reportedly weighing six lbs., 13 oz.

Beyonce, tennis stars and other celebrities also took to social media to post their well wishes for Serena. They also congratulated her on having a baby girl.

Serena accidentally revealed that she was 20 weeks pregnant on Snapchat that she was 20 weeks pregnant back in April of this year. Throughout the pregnancy, the couple had their suspicions that they would be having a girl, so them actually having a girl is no surprise to them. Serena won the Australian Open while she was pregnant and that was an indicator to her that she was having a girl, as indicated by Alexis during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Talk about an incredible woman. Serena can now add another title to her resumé–Mom.

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