Male Makeup and What It Means For Feminism.


For years, makeup has been geared toward women, and we only saw men wearing makeup in the movies.

We all have a friend who asks, “Is he wearing eyeliner?” when you’re watching a sitcom or the new episode of Teen Wolf. The answer is, he totally is, and why not? It makes his eyes pop.

So, what does guy-liner mean for feminists everywhere? We’re headed in the right direction. The moment we stop saying, “This is just for girls.” is the time we can finally be free to say, “See, makeup is for everyone.”

As makeup becomes a mainstream product for everyone, we wonder when Old Spice will roll out the next “Wolf” Eyeliner. 

But that’s not the most important reason. The most important reason is that normalizing makeup will remove the negative message that using makeup if for the “inferior” gender. Wearing makeup is about feeling and looking good, for yourself. Everyone should have that right, without someone saying it’s a lie or an overly feminine object.


So far, male makeup hasn’t had a great reception, but we can be sure that as time goes forward, it will gain wider acceptance. Especially, with the increase of male YouTubers, who just want that natural look to come through. Mothers and sisters may be teaching their brothers to contour while dad shows them to shave!

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Instagram/ Photos: @anastasiabeverlyhills / @giulianobekor