Kesha Removed The $ From Her Name and Her Rebirth Has Been Amazing


Kesha makes an awe-inspiring comeback to music!

She is going through an emotional journey in her life and taking all of us with her through songs that are more like poetry. In the past, Kesha has been readily ridiculed for her songs being inappropriate for young girls, and while that is still very subjective, we were all on board during her court trial.

When the Doctor from Sony told Kesha she would never be famous again, she came back with the beautiful song, “Praying” with the hopes that someone, would find peace. Spoiler; we’re pretty sure we know who the message is for.

This journey is emotional, epic, and overwhelmingly empowering. Kesha is a woman, hear her roar! Her new songs have all heard massive amounts of support. She has even gained a new group of followers, praising her new freedom and the strength of her talent.

It is clear that her true potential remained untapped until her recent freedom, and we love ever minute of it! She’s a survivor of unthinkable abuse, and powering through with her incredible voice. Her music has become open arms for the hurting.

Kesha is following in the footsteps of Lady Gaga, whose 2016 Oscar performance received a standing ovation and left the star in tears.  According to the CDC, “Approximately 1 in 20 women and men (5.6% and 5.3%, respectively) experienced sexual violence other than rape…”. Kesha shares her story the best way she knows how to, through her music. And her story is not falling on deaf ears.

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Twitter: @KeshaRose

Instagram/Photo: @iiswhoiis