Chloe Bennet’s Name Change Doesn’t Make Her Less Chinese


Chinese-American, Chloe Bennet has been making splashes in the news since her substantial support for Ed Skrein turned down a major role in the Hellboy reboot.

After Ed Skrein discovered the character of HELLBOY was originally half-Asian, he politely removed himself from the reboot.  Chloe cheered him as a not only being “cute af” but an inspiration that she hopes other actors/directors will follow suit. The photo below is the official statement that he shared on his Instagram account which was then shared by Chloe.

21147800_271916376638656_564213429720580096_nSo, why is her support for Skrein big news, Because Chloe Bennet was born Chloe Wang? Rejection after rejection left this now famous super-power-wilding woman, to change her last name. She wrote on an Instagram post which has since been deleted that “Hollywood is racist,” which seems to be an evident issue because after she became Bennet, she found work.

Hollywood has been under a lot of fire with the Asian-American community in recent years, primarily with the casting of Scarlett Johannson as Major in the feature film, Ghost In The Shell. Then again, the casting of a white male protagonist in Iron Fist, who is described as the savior of Asian people. Netflix is getting its fair share with the placement of a primarily white cast in its new exclusive film, Death Note, which was originally set in Japan.

Bennet wants others to know that they shouldn’t have to change their last name, or anything about themselves to fit into the world, such as Hollywood, for the status quo. Her actions speak pretty loudly and let’s hope it means a future with Asian-American and Asian characters who aren’t just the bad guy.

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Instagram/ Photos: @ChloeBennet