Three Reasons to Love Yara Shahidi

Instagram/Photo: @YaraShahidi

Three of the many reasons to love Yara Shahidi!
From using her platform to speak on human rights, to mentoring and encouraging younger women, Yara is one to look out for.

Here are three reasons to love her:

  1. She’s Educated

yaraThe 17-year-old Iranian African-American will be attending Harvard University, alongside Malia Obama. Before even deciding on Harvard, Yara was accepted into every school to which she applied.

  1. Fashion-Forward


The fashion-forward humanitarian is an inspiration to us all. Whether it has been dressing up for the VMAs, or down in jeans and oxford shoes, she has always remained true to self. Yara is the true, representation of #blackgirlmagic.

  1. She’s Relatable


From singing about food to taking awkward photos, did we forget to mention that we’re all her?

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Instagram/ Photos: @yarashahidi

Twitter: @YaraShahidi