Sofia Vergara Eats A HUGE Cannoli

Sofia Vergara Huge Canoli

Holy Cannoli! Sofia Vergara found a giant cannoli in Staten Island!

Sofia Vergara posted this unbelievably huge cannoli on her Instagram page a few days ago

. She captioned the photo “When u r in Staten Island and u mention u want a cannoli💃🏻💃🏻“. Sofia Vergara looks at this cannoli as if it is the most beautiful and delicious food in the world. She sure does look excited to eat it. If you need help finishing that just

Sofia, if you need help finishing that Cannoli just call us over and we’d be more than happy to help. In the meantime, we will be on the hunt for the place from where she bought that giant cannoli. We hope it was delicious!

Instagram/ Photo: @SofiaVergara

Twitter: @SofiaVergara