People Defend Megan Fox’s Latest Instagram Post


Megan Fox recently posted some pretty adorable pictures of her sons.

 But many made some hateful comments about what her son Noah was wearing.

In the post, Noah wears a Queen Elsa themed dress.

An Instagram user commented about how unnatural it seemed, and that the dress “is for girls: the movie is Elsa in her pretty ice queen dress, not Elsa the man in her dress.”

While there were several comments that were left in similar nature, there were many who defended Fox’s choice.

There were more than several people who fired back at the haters and voiced their support for Fox saying that Fox was being a mother and supporting her kid’s decisions.

Kudos to Fox for not listening to the haters, and doing what she does best as a mother.

Instagram/Photo: @the_native_tiger

Twitter: @meganfox