‘Famous In Love’ Renewed For A Second Season


Season 2 is coming your way! *Spoiler Alert (for those who haven’t yet seen the show)*

Famous In Love was renewed for a second season on Freeform. The show follows Paige (Bella Thorne), who auditions for a role in a big blockbuster movie and lands one of the lead roles. She is then forced into the limelight just a day after living the simple life of a college student.

The announcement was made during a Facebook live session with the cast of the show. The show was created by I. Marlene King, creator of the Pretty Little Liars series which also aired on Freeform. Throughout the season, Paige faces troubles with her friends, discovers that her best friend is in love with her and attempts to balance her personal, professional, social and academic lives.

The show ended the season with Paige having to choose between her two suitors. Her choices include her long-time best friend Jake (Charlie DePew) and her co-star Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkin). Who will she choose?

Tune in to Freeform to find out for yourself! Season two does not have an official release date yet, but until it premieres, you can watch the first season on OnDemand,  on the Freeform website or any other streaming services.

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Instagram/ Photo: @famousinlovetv