Rock the “Monochrome Look” with These New Shoes from TOMS


TOMS recently just launched a new set of  sneakers and their classic slip-ons in several trendy monochrome hues.

Traditionally when one thinks of the brand TOMS, they imagine the earthy espadrille shoes that brought them to fame. However, since their founding TOMS has expanded their market to include several other varieties of shoes to suit every style. Despite being only one single shade, these shoes are anything but boring. The side detailing on their new swede sneakers make them truly eye-catching. Or if animal products aren’t really your thing, TOMS also just released several monochrome slip-on shoes, which are made of soft microfiber and are vegan-safe. Shades include a rich purple, a soft rose, a slate grey, a deep navy and a vibrant toffee color. And with TOMS consistent dedication to giving back to the less fortunate, what’s not to love?

Through TOMS’ One for One program, with every shoe purchase you are helping to provide a pair of shoes to a person in need. So get shopping!

Instagram/Photo: @toms

Twitter: @TOMS