Honey, It’s Your Chance to Look Like Queen B Herself

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Remember when Beyonce had twins like a month ago? Beyonce rocks a deep v neck shirt with our favorite trendy bell sleeves for the summer. She pairs this shirt with a flower detailed, champagne colored front zipper skirt, red velvet shoes, and a beige fur purse. This outfit is a combination of day and night leaving us with inspiration for the perfect evening outfit.

Regardless if you had twins a month ago or not, you can totally rock this outfit and look like the Queen B herself!

Asos is the perfect place to start because they are the best for finding quirky trendy items for any season. Start with finding a long sleeve shirt with a deep v neck. Then look for a high waisted champagne skirt with green and peach details or colors similar to it. If you can’t find red velvet shoes or think the colors are a little bit too much, just add black summer sandals. The white shirt with the black shoes give it a casual look and the champagne skirt is the perfect in between. Can’t find a fur purse? If you decide to wear black shoes a black purse will work just as great!

If you ever wanted to feel like Queen B than this is your perfect outfit!

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