This Is One Of The HOTTEST Bags On Instagram

2017-07-30 (2)

It seems like every season your favorite bloggers become obsessed with some fancy Chanel, Celine or Gucci bag that you absolutely cannot afford.

And then you’re just left in the dust scrolling through Instagram wishing you had a bag of your own.

But this summer things are turning around for  you savvy and affordable shoppers. Even the most designer-obsessed fashion bloggers are trading in their fancy designer handbags for a purse that costs less than a dollar.


For the past few months, this mesh shopping tote has been taking over Instagram. Whether it be on the pool side or swinging off an arm in the city, it is pretty and practical.

To make these bags even better, you can get them for as low as 76 cents on Amazon, in almost every color.

Instagram/Photo: @alyssa.lenore