Alicia Keys Brings You Summer Hair Options

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Summer is one of the worst seasons for people with curly hair because it means a lack of curl definition, neck sweat, and a whole lot of frizz! These conditions make summertime perfect for trying out new hair styles since your wash-and-go will probably turn into a wash-and-no.

Alicia Keys recently posted photos of herself sporting a low pony tail with her puff in the back, paired with the caption, “#currentmood #sun #afro #vibes #inmyfeelings.” This low pony tail is the right idea! Of course you can count on Keys to inspire you as she continues her natural hair and skin journey. Not only will this style remind you what it feels like to have the wind blowing through your tresses, it will also make you look extra chic and cute with a versatile hair style.

Keys is showing her curlfriends there are more options than just leaving curly hair out. So forget about your wash-and-go, which will only leave you wasting product and money during hot summer days. Instead, rock this low pony tail and feel the wind in your hair while looking extra cute!

Checkout the singer’s social media accounts for more inspiration!

Twitter: @aliciakeys

Photo/ Instagram: @aliciakeys