Little Mix Is Getting Its Own Reality Show

2017-07-31 (2)

Little Mix has some of the best post-breakup songs to listen to, ever.

But while those songs can help mend a broken heart, it’s hard not to be curious about what stories lie behind those songs. Who’s ex is that song describing? Who is “Touch” about? Just when you thought you’d never know, the girl group is coming to the rescue once again.

According to the Daily Telegram, Little Mix is in the process of making its own TV series or movie documenting its members’ lives.

Jesy Nelson elaborated a little more on the topic saying, “We are in talks about [this], it has just got to be right. We have got some proper class footage that no one has ever seen. It’s stuff that you’d never see Little Mix be like.”

The entire band added details about its post-tour plans, which definitely include writing relatable lyrics.

In the meantime, Little Mix fans will be waiting oh so impatiently.

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Instagram/Photo: @littlemix

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