James Corden Defends Trans Military Members


As if James Corden isn’t known as one of the most genuine talk show hosts out there, he knocked it out of the park with his response to Trump’s suggested trans military ban.

In his recent episode, Corden replaced the lyrics for the famous song, “L-O-V-E,” with “L-G-B-T.” The new song was a pretty clear indicator of how Corden thinks Trump feels about the LGBT community:

“’L’, he doesn’t care for lesbians; ‘G,’ he thinks two men should just be friends; ‘B,’ to his dumb knowledge, is just a phase in college; ‘T,’ he finds confusing so the army’s now refusing trans women who only want to serve, trans men who only want rights we all deserve.”

He continued singing about how Trump’s controversial ban would end up saving only .04 percent of the military’s budget. Corden is not the only one who’s been vocal about the latest political turn.

Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers also responded with disdain, tackling the controversy with their own signature humor.

Celebrities have been taking to social media to express their support for the trans community. It’s  during times like these that you understand just how important voicing support truly is.

Watch the video below and follow Corden’s social media accounts for more inspiration!

Instagram/Photo: @j_corden

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