Kylie Jenner Is Launching A Glittery Birthday Collection

20346809_977535245722339_3181487236281532416_nKylie is going full pink for her birthday. #AllPinkEverything

Kylie is turning twenty years old this year and she wants everyone to be a part of her celebration.

The birthday book as seen above is actually a makeup palette, complete with an eyeshadow palette. The colors range from pink to shimmery to dark.  You can check out the colors below:


There will also be two mini kits available. They will come in Velvets and Mattes, all with pink casings and a very aesthetically pleasing lip design cosmetic bag. The two new highlighters included in the collection will be called “King” and “Queen.” The “King” is goldish-yellow shade while the “Queen” has a pinker tone.


The entire makeup set will include a makeup brush set, two mini lip sets (Velvets and Mattes), two lip glosses, two loose powder highlighters, an eyeshadow palette, two lip glosses and a limited edition lipstick (seen below).



Her 20th birthday will be on August 10, but the collection will be available on August 1 at 3 PM EST to mark the beginning of her birth month.

Check out Kylie’s social media accounts for more updates!

Instagram: @kyliejenner@kyliecosmetics

Twitter: @KylieJenner/ @kyliecosmetics

Photos/ Instagram: @kyliecosmetics