Calling All Chocolate Donut Lovers

2017-07-16 (1)

Ben & Jerrys has done it once again when it comes with creating new flavors. Every summer we wait patiently for a new flavor, and this year does not disappoint. In May we got a Bob Marley-inspired pint that was created with banana, caramel, graham crackers, and fudge.

Now, Ben & Jerrys is honoring their first collaboration with the band “Phish”, by creating an entirely new flavor for the group.

Their first pint, Phish Food, a mixture of marshmallow-swirled ice cream, quickly became one of America’s favorite. But the new rendition, Freezer Reprise, is completely different. This sweet-treat has got all the tricks with, vanilla glaze, a chocolate donut swirl, chocolate donut pieces, and wait for it… fudge fish.

Sadly, it’s only available for a very limited time. If you want a scoop you can head to New York to get a scoop or two for a kick-off event at Phish’s first Madison Square Garden show, on July 21th. Or you can get your shot in Vermont, at Burlington’s Three Needs Taproom & Brewery on August 6th.

Instagram/Photo: @benandjerrys