Coco Jones Rocks Your Next Beach Hairstyle

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Coco Jones wore an easy, beach-ready hairstyle that will become your new go-to do!

In her latest Instagram post, Coco is pictured in a blue swimsuit in front of the waves with the cryptic caption, “Careful.” That you haven’t noticed this rocking hairstyle before is even more mysterious.

Coco  wears her hair with the upper portion of her head in two braids and the rest down. Not only is this hair great and doable for all textures,  but this hairstyle is also great for keeping the sand out of the way and stopping the wind from blowing you hair in your face while you try to tan. This hairstyle is cute, flirty, and easy to do.

On your next trip to the beach, rock your favorite swimsuit and this hairstyle, and don’t forget to snap a picture for Instagram. Who knows, maybe your can even caption it “Careful” too, leaving your followers shrouded in extreme ambiguity and flirtatious vibes.

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Photo/ Instagram: @cocojones

Twitter: @TheRealCocoJ