Tia Mowry Stands Up To Internet Trolls

2017-07-13 (3)

Tia Mowry is standing up for herself and her body after internet trolls accused her of Photoshopping a bikini picture she posted on social media during her vacation in Hawaii.

In the photo Mowry rocks a blue and orange printed off-the-shoulder sleeved top and matching bottom as she poses with one hand on her hip.

Her followers seemed to think the Sister Sister star tweaked the image, but Mowry quickly shot down all accusations.

“I love me and that’s all that matters!” she captioned the image. “Ps, this photo is NOT photoshopped one bit! Those that think so can kiss my a**!”

Fans have been responding positively to her comment. “Looking like a million bucks,” one follower complimented. “You look good girl! Ignore the haters,” another wrote.

The actress and The Whole New You cookbook author also shared that with her diet she has lost 20 pounds.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds!” she shared on Instagram. “Many asked how? Diet and cooking out of my cook book.”

Eating well and working out has helped her look absolutely amazing!

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Instagram/Photo: @tiamowry

Twitter: @TiaMowry