New ‘Raven’s Home’ Theme Song Will Have You Dancing


Life had other plans at Raven’s home!

The theme song for Raven’s Home was finally released on July 12 and we are here for it. The song is catchy and it may just cure you of your nostalgia for That’s So Raven.

The video for the theme song shows Raven and her family together. Raven sings how she had a vision all worked out for her life, but everything did not turn out as she hoped. Her two kids, Booker and Nia, dance about in the video, showing how chaotic but fun their lives are. Chelsea, Raven’s best friend, and her son also live with them and despite the many issues they face in the house, they always put it back together in the end.  Together they make a big happy family.

This song is as catchy as the original That’s So Raven theme song and it will have you dancing in no time. In the end, Raven says “Yup! That’s us,” a change from “Yup! That’s me,” from the original show.

You’ve waited ten long years to be reunited with Raven and you’ll get a chance to see her on your screen this summer. Raven’s Home will premiere on Friday, July 21, 2017 at 10 PM EST after The Descendants 2.

Check out their social media accounts for more updates and watch the trailer below!

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