New Fashion Lines Coming to Target


Who knew Target could get any better!

We all know the feeling when you walk into Target with the mindset of getting one item and come out with a hundred of unnecessary items. Well, get ready to have a reason to love Target even more!

The store is going through a major rebranding by adding several fashion lines to their departments. The first exclusive fashion brands that Target plans on launching include JoyLab, A New Day and Project 62. Target announced that these styles and more will be available in stores and online beginning in September!


Target’s Executive President, Mark Tritton, announced that over the next two years Target will be introducing over a dozen new brands. Tritton stated, “Everything we do is based not only on our guests’ needs today, but also where where we see our brands forging a space tomorrow. To do this, we’re working and thinking differently at Target.” In addition, Target plans on playing upbeat music.

The previous beloved brands, such as Mossimo, are not recently performing well and will be phased out, while unique and more fashionable clothing lines will fill the racks.

We can’t wait to see the new changes!