Lady Gaga Brings Positivity to Public Education: “What is your future?”

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Lady Gaga became a substitute teacher this week for a middle school near Hollywood. No worries, her career is not in shambles, in fact she is actually working with “Staples for Students” campaign to raise money and spark positivity in public education. In the ad, Lady Gaga says, “Not having materials at school is a real problem. That puts a child at a deficit.” By bringing in materials students will have the resources they need to fully utilize their public schools. Lady Gaga says, “Before we fix that problem, we need to acknowledge that problem” meaning we must first say that schools do not have resources so that students can be given the materials they need.


As a substitute teacher, Lady Gaga asks students, “What is your future and what does it look like?” to contextualize the question we always get in school, “what do you want to be when you grow up.” Lady Gaga takes it a step further by asking, “What supplies do you need to achieve your dream?” Not only does this inquire that students start thinking about the steps needed to fulfill their dream, but it also brings positivity by telling students that their dreams are not too big and are very much a possibility.  Gaga says she wants kids to love themselves fearlessly.


So far Lady Gaga teamed with Staples and donated $2 million to the causes in education for “Staples for Students.” We hope more celebrities join Lady Gaga and Chance the Rapper (someone who has also been extremely involved in education, specifically in Chicago) to save education.


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