Cara Delevingne’s Trip To Uganda


Here’s one way how Cara is making a difference in the world.

Cara Delevingne traveled to Uganda with Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation’s adolescent-girl campaign, in support of education for refugee girls. The UN Foundation campaign raises money for education, clothes and textbooks for girls who need them.

The trip took place in January, and she went to learn about and see firsthand the crises that affect the refugee girls directly from the students.


She wrote in her InStyle essay that she went to a primary school in Bidi Bidi where she and the others who traveled with the Foundation were greeted with entertainment. She wrote that while she fell in love with the students, she had never been more heartbroken at the same time.

Cara also managed to speak with some parents on the many crises that they face there, and all they wished for their children was a proper education. Cara said that she realized that she had taken her privilege for education for granted.


Cara spoke highly of the Girl Up Foundation, and she has specifically designed T-Shirts to support the organization that can be bought here. Each shirt costs $35.00, and half of the proceeds will go to Girl Up.

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