Your Pet Knows If Someone Is A Bad Person

2017-07-09 (1)

If you own a pet, you’ve probably suspected that your furry friend is pretty smart, and now there’s a new study that proves just how insightful your canine is.

Research published in “Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews,” has shown that dogs are capable of recognizing whether someone is nice or not. More importantly, they’re capable of telling whether or not someone is horrible to another human being.

The clever canine uses this information to influence how they act around that person.

Researchers conducted an experiment in which they asked dog owners to act out two different scenarios while their furry friend watched. “The volunteers pretended to struggle at opening a container before asking two researchers to help them. In the first scenario, one researcher stood there passively, while their colleague offered to help. The second, one researcher remained passive, while the other actively refused to help out.”

In conclusion to both scenarios, the dog was offered a treat. After the first one, dogs were more likely to take the treat from both researchers. While after the second, the dogs were significantly more likely to ignore the one who has been unpleasant.

So the next time your pooch seems to dislike someone, take note!

Instagram/Photo: @dogsofinstagram