Us “0:00-4:43” Girls

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Jay-z recently released his album “4:44” which many are calling his apology album that can be found on Tidal and Apple Music as of right now. After Lemonade, it was about time we heard Jay-Z’s perspective and enjoyed his side of the story. The lyrics in his songs are like poetry and embraces the vulnerability of love and mistakes, “All you had to say: ‘You was wrong’/ You almost went Eric Benét/ Let the baddest girl in the world get away” and “I’ll Fuck up a good thing if you let me/ Let me alone, Becky” are lyrics that show Jay-z’s remorse for his relationship with Beyonce and his actions during the marriage.

One writer, Candice Benbow, writes a piece called “4:43” an amazing article that is a tribute to all the women who had to break their backs and support love that constantly led them to exude self-harm. She writes, “I wonder if you realize the cost we pay for loving men like you. My anxiety. Bey’s miscarriages. My cousin’s hair loss. Your homegirl’s weight gain. Depression. Suicidal ideation. Substance abuse. Retail therapy and maxed credit cards.” Here, she is speaking about the “0:00-4:43” girls, the ones that build and create men for the next girl who will be his “4:44.” She emphasizes how broken “0:00-4:43” girls gets for building another human being to love someone else. Instead of creating agony towards the “4:44” girls, Bendow makes aware that we at one point or another have all been the “0:00-4:43” girl, including Beyonce especially throughout Lemonade.

So maybe this album is an apology for us “0:00-4:43” girls, but maybe we are just too tired and broken to heal from it. For the “4:44” girl this could be your love album because a sorry like this is one step closer to healthy love. And from us “0:00-4:43” girls, you’re welcome. One day we will be “4:44” girls too.

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Photo: Candice Benbow