This Baker Just Made the Biggest Ice Cream Sandwich


Ice cream sandwiches have always been one of dessert’s best, but they sure have changed since we were kids from the classic rectangular chocolate treat to today’s crazy scheme of every flavor available. But now, just when we thought every imaginable way an ice cream sandwich could be made, baker By Brogen, has created an ice cream sandwich shaped cake that looks too real, it might just melt!

The giant “ice cream sandwich cake” is made with giant chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate mud cakes frosted with mint chocolate chip buttercream on the bottom tier and strawberry cakes covered in strawberry “ice cream” buttercream in the middle tier.

And to top off this magical creation, Brogen added a strawberry and vanilla sponge cake “scoop” with vanilla bean frosting, with chocolate fudge and sprinkles – of course!

The video of Brogen creating this masterpiece is absolutely mesmerizing, which explains why the video has racked up 30,000 views in one day and has us craving all sorts of cake and ice cream. In her Instagram caption, Brogen calls the finished product a “total food coma,” and we totally agree.

Instagram/Photo: @bybrogen