Ryan Reynolds Responds To Teen Who Photoshopped Him Into Her Prom Photos


If your prom date breaks up with you, forget him and photoshop your favorite celebrity over his face.

Ryan Reynolds may be the best heartthrob to have in your corner! Gabi Dunn went to prom with her boyfriend but they broke up a few days later. This lead to her genius idea of cropping him out of her prom photos and replacing him with a photoshopped photo of Ryan Reynolds in his place. Bad time for a break up you might say, but Gabi’s creative juices started flowing following the demise of the relationship

She shared the pictures (seen above and below) on her Twitter account and her tweet went viral and has been retweeted over 18k times and liked by over 131k people. She tagged Ryan Reynolds in the post and he came through for her. IMG_0932 2 He tweeted at her and even came up with the hashtag #DontMessWithGabi and even suggested that she replace the ex-boyfriend with his picture in the yearbook.

People began sharing their own photoshopped pictures with their favorite celebrities as their date to the prom and had a good laugh about the situation.

It is safe to say that this teen won that break up!

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Instagram: @vancityreynolds

Twitter: @vancityreynolds / @gabidunn99

Photo: @gabidunn99