Queen of Dark: Nyakim Gatwech Is Self Love Goals


This Black Queen is serving all the #BlackGirlMagic, and she is dripping with melanin! #MELANINPOPPIN’

There is nothing better than a person who is comfortable in their own skin. Nyakim Gatwech is a beauty queen from South Sudan, and she is known as the Queen of Dark because of the amount of melanin in her skin.

She is what she calls “chocolate black, ” and she is beautiful and embraces her skin color with no apologies. She is unapologetically black, and she is not afraid or ashamed to embrace her African heritage despite living in Minneapolis, MN.

She embraces her nickname as she posted on her Instagram account “I was asked the other day “how do I feel about being nickname[d] queen of the dark?” My answer was I actually like the name there is nothing wrong with darkness and be call queen is just Cherry on the top. Black is not a color of sadness or death or evil it’s just the way it has been portray[ed] for so many years. So I am the queen of the dark who bring light and love to those around me.” You go, girl!

Check out her photos below of her embracing her beautiful black skin filled with melanin. Look at her glow!!



During Black History Month she also wrote “Black is bold black is beautiful black is gold. Don’t let American Standard damage your African soul.”

17265525_289463821483516_3176323852368084992_nShe has over 213k followers on Instagram and uses this platform to encourage black people to embrace their skin color and different tone and uplift each other. She consistently posts about black people inspiring each other and to be proud of their melanin. She has appeared on various magazine covers around the world, and she is the motivation for all of the self-love that you need. Talk about some  #BlackGirlMagic because she has it in abundance!

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Instagram/ Photos: @queenkim_nyakim

Twitter: @queenkim_nyakim