“No Commission”

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Hip hop meets art. #artistswithapurpose

For two past two years, Swizz Beatz has been working on an annual project/art event called “No Commission” which serve as a stepping stone for many artists by spotlighting their great artistry. This event is not just art, it is a combination of art and hip hop, meant to make the world smaller and the party bigger as one advertisement says. “No Commission” is designed strictly to support artists. That being said, the space for their art is free and 100 percent of the proceeds go straight to them. Last year this event was held in Miami, the Bronx, and London. This year, “No Commission” has been in Shanghai and Berlin, with an end location set in Miami.

Want to see some of the amazing artwork that drove dreams to come true? Go to the website. The link is below.


Twitter: @therealswizzz

Instagram: @therealswizzz

Website: http://www.dean-collection.com