Kelly Clarkson Responds To Body Shaming


Iconic singer Kelly Clarkson will go down in American Idol history as one of the most successful artists to come out of the series.

Not only has she got the pipes to be considered legendary all on her own, but she’s a pretty great human being as well. But time and time again, she has been confronted by Internet trolls who don’t see her for the amazing and talented woman she is and resort to hateful body-shaming.

Her responses, however, are pretty great as evidenced in her recent clap back on Twitter. After thanking those who were in service and celebrating Independence Day, a troll commented back saying she was fat. Clarkson replied with a simple response: “…and still fucking awesome.”

We love our girl and the next level sass she has. It’s just one of the many ways to conquer the world when you’re Kelly Clarkson.

Instagram/Photo: @kellyclarkson