Double Trouble: When Best Friends Transform To Look Like Each Other


When you and your best friends want to be #twinsies!

The makeup industry has allowed people to be as creative as they can be, and this makeup artist took the opportunity to make it work in her favor. NikkieTutorials (left), as she is called on YouTube, transformed her best friend Kim Thai into herself using making and a blonde wig to pull off her signature look.

They used YouTuber Beauty Vixxen’s videos to inspire their own version. NikkieTutorials and her friend look uncannily similar with the finished makeup look — they have the same lips, eyebrows, and almost everything else with regards to their facial features. This transformation tutorial is not a new trend as people have been doing this for years by transforming themselves to look like celebrities using makeup.

The power of makeup as an art form truly knows no bound. Check out the video down below to watch the makeup transformation process.

You can also check out their social media profiles below:

Instagram: @nikkietutorials / @kkimthai

Twitter: @nikkietutorials / @kkimthai

Photo: Instagram/ @nikkietutorials